Residents of Kendawangan receive assistance 250 basic food packages Employee donation Result PT WHW

Kendawangan, 26 June 2020 2020 – employees of PT Well Harvest Winning (WHW) Alumina Refinery initiative to raise donations from the beginning of May 2020 to help people affected by the economy of the Covid-19 pandemic in West Kalimantan. The accumulated funds amounting to Rp 78,736,200 are allocated to buy 250 packages of basic groceries that are channeled to the residents of Kendawangan and cash funds amounting to Rp 15 million channeled through the national agency of Amil Zakat of West Kalimantan province.

Management representative of PT WHW, represented by the task Force chief Covid-19 Seno Ario Wibowo said the donation was purely the initiation and encouragement of the employees to help others in need. "On this difficult occasion, WHW employees were able to donate some of their regime to be beneficial to the people around. WHW Management greatly appreciates all employees for their sincere intent. This activity is very proud because employees have the awareness to share to the community, "said Seno Ario Wibowo.

Meanwhile, head of WHW Peduli Andi Umar said the aid package assistance is channeled to orphanages and orphans in the district Kendawangan and surrounding areas. "The purpose of this activity is to help people affected by the Covid-19. The goal is to orphans, nursing homes, poor people in need around the company in the district Kendawangan, "said Andi Umar.

For this assistance, the Kendawangan Camat Eldy Yanto gave a very high appreciation for WHW employees ' concern to the surrounding community. "The WHW management and employees care deeply about the people who impact the Covid-19. This assistance is very felt by the residents of Kendawangan, especially the beneficiaries consisting of orphans, Duafa and boarding schools in the region of Kendawangan district, and Ketapang district, "said Eldy Yanto.

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