2 Mar
PT WHW Distributes CSR Assistance for Toddler Health in Kendawangan Subdistrict

Ketapang, 2 March 2021 PT Well Harvest Winning (WHW) Alumina Refinery again contributed to the residents around the company by distributing additional food assistance for toddlers in Mekar Utama Village, Kendawangan District, Ketapang Regency, West Kalimantan, on Thursday (18/02/2021). Through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program in the Field of Public Health, PT WHW distributes food assistance in the form of 400 boxes of milk for toddlers, especially toddlers and datita, as well as 138 green beans packaging 250 grams.

Director of PT WHW, Boni Subekti, said PT WHW continues to give more attention to the health of the community in the environment around the company, including toddlers. "The assistance is a form of our commitment and concern that consistently helps the community in all life lines of the community around the company," said Boni Subekti.

Symbolically the assistance was handed over by the Community Manager of PT WHW, Mujiati, to the Head of Mekar Utama Village, Hartono and his ranks, for further distribution of assistance by the local Posyandu. The midwives who are in charge of Posyandu in Kendawangan Sub-district, especially village midwives in mekar utama village area who will provide such assistance to residents according to the nutritional needs of each toddler and datita.

PJ Head of Mekar Utama Village, Hartono, said the assistance is very beneficial for its citizens to improve the health of hundreds of toddlers in the region. "We from mekar utama village government say thousands of thanks and very appreciation for the activities carried out by PT WHW to the community. We hope this activity is sustainable as an effort to improve nutritional health for toddlers in our village," hartono said.

Previously, PT WHW has also implemented a vitamin assistance program for children aged 2-12 years for Mekar Utama Villagers, in December 2020. This activity is a series of additional vitamin and food assistance activities as a contribution of PT WHW company to maintain the adequacy of public nutrition in an effort to improve public health around the company.

PT WHW's CSR program has an agenda of Community Development and Empowerment (PPM) activities in various fields, such as education, public health, infrastructure, economic independence, religion, socio-cultural, youth, and community institutional strengthening. With the CSR Program is a real-life action of PT WHW for the advancement of more prosperous surrounding residents.

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Suhandi Basri
Head of Corporate Communication - PT Well Harvest Winning Alumina Refinery
Email : suhandi.basri@whwalumina.com